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Remarkable things come in small packages. Like an individual’s personality, shining bright so the whole world can see. Like a selfie with a smiling tennis ball! This is what our first international campaign was all about – Buddy’s Tennis Ball World Tour 2019. In today’s age in attempt for brands to make a connection, common approaches have been spam by email, or junk mail by snail mail. But we thought, how about something appreciated? How about something free? Or better yet, someone.  Buddy is a symbol of the game that comes with a smile. We like to think of it...

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The Million Shirt Campaign – Inspiring tennis all around the world because we love tennis. We honor the tennis life so much that we’ve come up with a theory: Create a world full of tennis samurais, where sure people can be people as they are, hobbies and careers no matter. People can be tennis players full on or in addition to whatever else they got going on. It’s individual. It’s like running, or playing chess, or poker, or working out, or whatever. People can just do it. All you need is another person to play. You don’t even need that....

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