Million Shirt Campaign - Tennis Samurai's

The Million Shirt Campaign – Inspiring tennis all around the world because we love tennis.

We honor the tennis life so much that we’ve come up with a theory:

Create a world full of tennis samurais, where sure people can be people as they are, hobbies and careers no matter. People can be tennis players full on or in addition to whatever else they got going on. It’s individual. It’s like running, or playing chess, or poker, or working out, or whatever. People can just do it. All you need is another person to play. You don’t even need that. All you need is a wall. Or even just a bucket of ball and a target. Go hit serves. Target practice. It’s fun.

Within this world full of tennis samurais, come across another samurai and battle. You’ll never know that person better. You’ll never know yourself better.

The benefits come in numbers like a calvary, health, knowing thyne self, comradery, fun, learning how to learn, external rewards like prizes, status, networking, on and on.

 Obviously its still fresh. And of course classic, one of the oldest sports. But we’re just saying promoting it is good. And we’re saying how – how we plan to promote it: How?

Plant the idea of tennis in someone’s head. Like brainwashing? Yes sort of, in hopefully a positive way. This is already happening when someone is attracted to the sport. Usually they see it and want to try it. Or they’re curious about it, they remember it, they wonder about it, they think about it time and time. It’s psychological. There’s a trigger. Could be seeing the symbol of tennis – a friendly tennis ball on a shirt.

That’s what we think. Sure Buddy’s Million Shirt Campaign promotes Buddy the Ball, but more it’s about Buddy promoting the sport, everywhere he goes. So if you want to help. If you are truly a tennis lover like us, bring Buddy with you. Wear him. There more. There has to be an invitation.

You need to invite yourself to play. To get out there. To exercise. To practice. To improve. To dominate. To suffer for it. To love it. To repeat it. And maybe when you see the Buddy shirt on top of the pile in your dirty laundry he offers a friendly reminder that this is your sport.

Of course extend the invitation to others as well. Invite your training partners to play. Invite your coach to train. Schedule sessions. Invite your friends who have never played before. Convert them like your knocking on front doors. It’s only positive. It’s only fun. Tennis has always been played and always been available, but with you inviting people to play, our sport is suddenly booming. As if it’s not already. We have nearly a billion out of the seven billion humans doing human things all around the planet. Buddy will keep providing the symbol of inspiration. You provide the invitation. You are the call to action. Oh yeah, one more thing we’re doing for fun, and because we think it’ll make a difference.

On the tail-end of this campaign. When we sell one million Buddy shirts, we are sponsoring 16 players who envision a professional career. It’s our Buddy Tennis Team. We’re investing in their training, traveling, equipment, every resource they need. These juniors that we select from all over the world, (could be from anywhere – could be from a tourney result, could be from a recommendation from someone at your club, could be from a request from you) might not have the resources  to chase their ambitions. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help. We can only hope that we prove that if given the right resources and support a true player with strong enough will power can make their name known. We hope their story inspires others. Let the inspiration continue. Let the tennis celebrations continue.

 Patrik Antonius