It's Buddy's daily mission to play and inspire others to play, but collectively as a company, Buddy the Ball has set a Big Bounce Mission. It may take some time, but we feel it's well worth it. 

Our Big Bounce Mission is two-fold, in our effort to promote this awesome sport. 1) Create a traveling team of players aiming for the pros. 2) Create more tennis exposure worldwide, with our million tennis ball logo shirt campaign, increasing the popularity even more!



As soon as we sell one million Buddy shirts ( meaning one million tennis ball symbols floating around our planet) we are selecting 16 players for full sponsorship. This includes training, travel, equipment, entry fees and guidance, all to help provide resources for the ambitious player with potential for the pro circuit.

How to enter?   -and-   How is the selection made?

Simply buy a Buddy shirt from buddytheball.net or a Buddy retailer. It’s only $25 and it could be your Golden Ticket! Then message us via email or Instagram. We are keeping record of receipts. We are also keeping our scout on for social media posts, tournament results, positive word from coaches, UTR ratings, and more.

*Please note you may enter as many times as you’d like. Each shirt is valued at one entry. If you’d like to enter on behalf of someone else, that is more than welcome.




With one million of us wearing a tennis ball on our chest - more specifically, Buddy the "tennis" Ball, the tennis exposure around the world will be enormous. Spread the tennis love! 

*Did you know there are one billion tennis fans around the world!? That's a lot! Let's double it!



For questions or more information feel free to send us a message!

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