First and foremost the Vibe makes the Tribe! We start every practice with Buddy's famous mantra:

“I’m a positive athlete. I can get better because I believe in myself. I work well with others when I support them and they support me. I am living my best life. I set goals. I read. I write. I create. I play. Buddy the Ball. Bounce Big. Live Bigger.”

With Buddy's Tennis Program we introduce youth to the game of tennis, and create a pathway for players who want to continue with the sport. That means teaching them skills and guiding them to the next level.

One exercise, for example...Tosses...

In order to create a solid foundation for students to get a headstart on the game, we aim to build coordination and strong fundamentals through a series of specific Buddy the Ball exercises, known as Buddy's Practice Routine.
Mastering this routine guided by our Buddy the Ball Certified Coaches is essential for a young tennis player's ability to easily break through any barriers to the game.
Some example exercises from Buddy's Practice Routine:

Also we give students a chance to track their progress through Buddy's progressive wristband system. This system builds confidence and comes with bonuses and prizes!

Also, Also, we aim to make tennis fun with more of Buddy's help - to inspire children's imaginations through Buddy the Ball Adventures children's stories. Each new season comes with a new Adventure book.
Also, Also, Also, we aim to meet Core Standards.
Buddy aligns with the US national educational standards.
What are educational standards?
Educational standards are the learning goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Education standards, like Common Core are not a curriculum. Local communities and educators choose their own curriculum, which is a detailed plan for day to day teaching. In other words, the Common Core is what students need to know and be able to do, and curriculum is how students will learn it. The Common Core State Standards are educational standards for English language arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics in grades K-12. 
What is the Common Core?
State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Today, 41 states and the District of Columbia have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

We look to end every class with Buddy's Tribal Dance (Buddy fun moves and grooves that incorporate tennis motions)...

and finally positive attitudes out the door!