"Yeah so obviously getting active makes your mind and body healthy, but also, also, also, and this is big, as a result, getting active also leads to better scores in school, stronger creativity, and more, way more  awesomeness when setting and achieving goals. So here's our school program..."
BUDDY'S TENNIS CLASS, a school program
Partnering with schools and professional tennis coaches in the community to create an easy pathway for students to learn tennis and its many values.
Our school program brings tennis to students, on campus. Buddy certified tennis coaches bring all necessary equipment such as balls, nets and racquets to teach students the basics of tennis with fun and safe games. (Students should have good shoes and water bottles.) With every new session students receive a new Buddy the Ball Adventure children's book, entry level white wristband, as well as an official Buddy tennis shirt.
After hopefully sparking inspiration in the game through this program, Buddy's team is dedicated to guiding students and their families along in the direction for a potential future in what can be a lifetime sport. Along the journey students often find themselves in junior and then later collegiate competitions.
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