"Hi I'm Buddy! What's Gooooood!?"

"Look What do ya think? This is one of the first illustrations from one of my first illustrators! His name is Ogi. He did a pretty sweet job in my opinion. The canvas sure does make me look kinda ROUND though. Guess I don't have that perfect triangle figure hahaa. But yeah Ogi is a tennis fan, just like my creator, Coach Brando. So that worked out."

"As much as I love tennis, and I really do...It's fast and it's fun!..But I am not actually a tennis ball - well not entirely. Revealed in my Origin story, I actually come from a star."


 "POW! Just blew your mind didn't I?"

"First there was an explosion - that of a hypernova sort. Then I shot through outer space and landed among a snowy mountain range, found by the mountain’s only inhabitants, a monastery of monks. It's the ol superman story so I've been told. Well sort of."



"The monks were cool! Pure as light they soon discovered that I, a pure energy ball, could take on any form and size. Like this: See now I'm a lion hahaha. Just joking. It's just a wig. Kinda like Andre had. Just joking again haaa. That's an inside tennis player joke. But I don't know - taking on the form of a tennis ball just felt right. Plus one of the monks' favorite games was tennis, and when I tried I was soon hooked. So here I am. Well it was nice to make your acquaintance."

"Anyways, thanks! Bounce Big!"

"P.S. Check out Buddy's Comic. It's my latest Adventure!"