Girls Outfit - Globe Trotter

Girls Outfit - Globe Trotter

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Part of the allure of tennis has always been the international aspect.

Being a part of any activity that is worldwide is exciting. It connects us to millions of other people. But to travel and see it all, to play with and against numerous people from different cultures is another level. It broadens the traveler. Those who trot the globe find new adventure in each new place like playing tennis on the red clay of Europe. The re/orange dirt round into the socks and shoes compliments the Globe Trotter outfit nicely. After putting on this outfit, all you will need is your passport and your racquet.

100% polyester

World Team Tennis Finals 2019 Las Vegas Buddy the Ball Redfoo



It's a mascot's job to bring the hype. To bounce back. Bounce up. Keep bouncing. When you look down and see the simple logo on your stylish, comfortable apparel, you'll notice Buddy is right there to cheer you on.

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