"Yeah so obviously getting active makes your mind and body healthy, but also, also, also, and this is big, as a result, getting active also leads to better scores in school, stronger creativity, and more, way more  awesomeness when setting and achieving goals. So here's our school program..."


BUDDY'S TENNIS CLASS, a school program

Students are getting the chance to serve up aces through the Buddy Tennis Foundation, a national school program. Partnering with schools and professional tennis coaches in the community to create an easy pathway for students to learn tennis and its many values during lunch time, physical education class, or after school.

Local tennis coaches come to the school to host starter classes. They bring all necessary equipment such as balls, nets and racquets to teach students the basics of tennis with fun and safe games. After learning the benefits of tennis through this program, Buddy Tennis Foundation shows teachers and parents how to help students continue playing the game at local clubs and in official competitions. To keep it worthwhile the program helps identify grants, scholarships, and potential directions where young players can go with their tennis, such as going to college.



Buddy Tennis Foundation also works with Brandon Scott Christopher, ( ) creator of Buddy the Ball, author of Buddy Adventures and Tennis Club, to tell stories of fun times at the tennis club, share original characters such as Buddy the Ball, Bella the Ball, Rocky the Racquet and others, as well as bring in the real life coaches in the community. These are the very same coaches who run the classes for tennis basics.



“The foundation puts students in the guidance of fantastic coaches. The students then have the opportunity to turn into well-rounded, athletic people with strong morals and a competitive nature. This is what it's all about.”
-Brandon Scott Christopher