Tennis-Volleyball Team Event

Tennis-Volleyball was a smash hit.

With over 30 competitors between the ages of 4 and 10, Team Red and Team Blue battled in a game up to 24 points.

This event, hosted by Red Rock Country Club, was the first of it's kind. Just like Tennis-Dodgeball, that's how Buddy the Ball do ;)

The rules of the game - the ball can bounce as many times as needed. It can run into the net. It can be passed a limitless amount of times as well. It just can't be held, roll, our touch out of bounds.

With rules like that the points can go on and on. And they did.

The final score was 24-22. Couldn't have been closer.

Parents cheered from the stands as their kiddos got a fun taste of competition. Being it a Friday night, it was a great way to kick off the weekend too.

Buddy the Ball the mascot was there of course. He was bouncing, high-fiving and cheering kids on as well. His motto to bounce big and live bigger lived on this evening. In other words, getting active.

That's the name of the game.