Tennis Mashup - December Event

This event had it all - something for the kids and something for moms and dads together, and then a social scene combined with competitions and prizes, and finally it all wrapped with Buddy's Tribal Dance.

First, the coaches "coordinated" with parents and kids so together they could work on coordination. This quickly turned into rallies and soon after setting goals and breaking early records.

Afterwards parents found their way to their own courts at the club without the adult coaches while kids stayed and played with Buddy and Bella and the junior directors.

Question - what is a Bounce Off? 

It's of course when players compete by bouncing the ball consecutively as long as they can without without "dropping the ball" i.e. losing their bounce, lasting long enough that they outlast everyone else. Last person stading wins. This certainly takes endurance.

But if that is a Bounce Off, what is this Bounce Off?

Well this obviosly is when players bounce themselves longer than any other player as if they themselves were a ball. Music played of course, so it was like dance until you drop. What a ball! This one took serious stamina.

All that and Buddy's Tribal Dance made for an awesome good time. Just ask Buddy and Bella.

Looking forward to the next one!