Kids Day and Pro Day

Nestled up alongside breathtaking mountains, Red Rock Country Club is an awesome tennis venue on any occassion. Sometimes there's fresh mist in the air, sometimes there's a roaming mountain lion, most of the time it's clear sunshine. The perfect place to rally the day away. But on Saturday, February 4th, 2023, it was home to Pros and Kids and of course Buddy and Bella.

This day was the perfect opportunity to make introductions of all sorts. Kids who are recently introduced to "in-school" "on-campus" skills building classes of tennis got to experience this great club - Red Rock Country Club. They were also introduced to "Big Kids," college players and proffesionals who had been playing the game since they were "smaller kids." This was a chance for the local community to watch and support the local UNLV men's tennis team. And a chance for that UNLV team to test their skills against players from the ATP Tour level.

During the event kids warmed up with a special Buddy the Ball balloon game, where one group tried to prevent their side of the court from being filled with the majority of the balloons. Back and forth the balloons went as kids scooped and batted them across the mini nets to the opposing side. Fewest ballons at the end won.

After that it was bounce and coordination drills and fundamental forehands. After that it was time to watch the professional players take to the court in powerful and accurate form.

Super fun day. Most importantly from Buddy's and Bella's perspectives is we got to rock an awesome Tribal Dance. This never gets old.